On specified dates, Dr. Hyland offers pap and breast examination screening clinics for her own patients and other women who do not have access to a female physician for this type of service.

This service is covered by the provincial medical care plan (MCP).

Current recommendations for Pap Screening
  • All sexually active women should start screening at age 20
  • For women under 20 years of age, a sexual health visit with the health care provider is recommended. Women who have received the HPV vaccine should follow the same routine screening.
  •  If three consecutive annual screens are negative, then  follow-up screening can be done once every three years.
  • At age 70, if women have at least 3 negative screens over the preceeding 10 years, and no previous abnormal Pap results, screening may cease.
  •  These recommendations do not apply to women with previous abnormal Pap Tests; they should continue to have annual pap tests.
  • Post hysterectomy screening: subtotal hysterctomy- (cervix intact)- follow regular screening as above
  • Post total hysterectomy(no cervix):no abnormal history – a  sample from the vaginal vault may be recommended every 5 years as part of a comprehensive reproductive health assessment.
Current Recommendations for Mammograms

The Breast Screening Program offers breast screening services to women aged 50-69 years. The breast screening centres provide mammography, physical examination of the breast by a nurse, and education about breast health awareness to this population of women on a biannual basis . You do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment for breast screening services.

Outside of these parameters- ie women between  40 and 50- screening mammograms can be booked in the hospital at the doctor’s discretion- eg family history of breast cancer at an earlier age.

In the presence of a breast lump on physical examination a mammogram and/or ultrasound will be arranged by the physician in the hospital.In women under 40, the breasts are usually too dense for accurate mammograms; in the case of detection of a breast lump, the physician may recommend an ultrasound as an initial diagnostic  tool.