* individual results will vary

Case Discussion:

The above lady, in her 60’s, was seeking treatment for deep wrinkles around the mouth, eyes forehead, and also for mid-face sagging. Factors contributing to the aging of her skin were a history of smoking and long-term sun exposure (for information on how smoking affects your looks, see: ‘Ways Smoking Affects Looks’ )- plus an additional complicating factor was an accident which had shattered her (R) cheekbone, leaving her with a noticeable defect on that side of the face.

Treatment included a Botox Brow lift, followed by 2 Fractional CO2 resurfacing treatments to the face, focusing particularly on the perioral, crow’s feet and forehead area.The laser procedure was followed by injection of  Juvederm Voluma to restore normal contours to the midface, and Juvederm Ultra for the lips .

The major indications for treatment with the Smartxide DOT fractional CO2 resurfacing laser are

  • Deep lines & wrinkles ( face, neck, chest)
  • Smoker’s lines ( vertical lines above and below the lips)
  • Loose, sagging skin- eg bags under the eyes, loose skin of the neck
  • Droopy eyelids – the non-surgical Madonna Eyelift
  • Stretch marks- post pregnancy or weight loss*
  • Severe acne scarring**
  • Other scars – traumatic, surgical etc
  • Poor skin texture- fine lines, pores, pigmentation* (*additional IPL sessions may be required for the resolution of benign photopigmentation)