Cancellation Policy

48 hours notice required for all appointment changes and /or cancellations. unless urgent circumstances arise e.g. severe weather, illness. You will be asked for a deposit to rebook the appointment if 48 hrs. notice is not given.


Under certain circumstances, (e.g. medical contraindications; patient leaving the province and unable to start or complete a series of pre-paid treatments.) a full or partial refund will be issued.  However, we Do Not offer refunds on treatments or services already performed.

In Cosmetic Medicine, it is not possible to guarantee that an individual will  respond to treatment, or have the exact hoped-for degree of improvement.  For some services, significant effort on the part of the patient is required for success: e.g. smoking cessation or weight loss. We will do our best to work with you and provide support and guidance, but we cannot do it for you.

In other cases e.g.  response to  laser treatments for skin tightening, wrinkle removal, or  cellulite treatment –  the laser acts as a stimulus for collagen synthesis and tissue re-modelling, but the individual`s capacity to respond to the stimulus is modulated by age, general health, genetics, toxins, factors that are outside our control. Other individuals may have partial responses to treatment, but require more than the average number of sessions to achieve the desired effect, and that is a normal variation. We discuss expectations, limitations, and alternative treatments at the time of consultation.

For a full discussion of patient expectations and the limitations of cosmetic medicine,click on
What is Anti Aging Medicine/Patient expectations