Establishing realistic expectations is an important part of the consultation process. Since opening in 2007, we are treating increasing numbers of patients in their late 60s, and  70s.

While technology and minimally invasive techniques are improving in leaps and bounds, we are still dealing with the physiologic realities of aging, and the fact that we can’t.

Eliminate every line & wrinkle

Eliminate every line & wrinkle; Two factors contribute to the development of lines and wrinkles: the natural aging process with attendant thinning and loss of elasticity of the skin, followed by deflation (shrinkage) of the deep fat compartments in the mid face and temples, leading to descent (sagging) of the face and neck; and habitual expressions, such as frowning, squinting, scowling, wrinkling the nose, pursing the lips etc. (so-called dynamic lines). In the early phases, injectable such as Botox and fillers will provide satisfactory correction, but as the lines get deeper, laser resurfacing may be necessary. As sagging becomes very pronounced, minimally invasive techniques may not provide total correction.

Provide the same results as plastic surgery

Provide the same results as plastic surgery for advanced cases of eyelid/face/neck sagging. In some instances e.g. low brows, very droopy eyelids, or loose neck skin – the optimal treatment would be surgery. If after discussion, the patient opts for a non-invasive or minimally invasive approach, they can expect improvement, but not a total correction, with procedures such as a Botox brow lift / fractional (Madonna) Eyelift, or Botox for the platysmal bands (Nefertiti jaw lift/ skin tightening lasers. They should also be aware that these procedures will not have the longevity of the surgical approach.

Predict the exact number

Predict the exact number of syringes of filler/units of Botox at the outset of treatment needed to achieve the desired effect- we can provide an educated guess, but if it takes another syringe of Juvederm or a few top-up units of Botox, to get where you want to go that will be an additional expense. Some of the more dramatic before/afters that we show on the website have required a combination of treatments, or multiple syringes of filler to achieve the effect that you see. It still costs a fraction of the surgical alternative.

Create perfect symmetry

Create perfect symmetry: this does not exist in nature. Most people exhibit significant differences between the right and left side of the face which start at the skeletal level. Typically one side of the face will be flatter and broader, with deeper nasolabial folds than the other side; the periorbital (eye) area may appear larger/wider on one side and TMJ dysfunction or mal-alignment of the jaw can result in facial skewing or protrusion/recession of the chin. Injectables can only go part of the way to correct this unevenness. We will take photographs and discuss your facial structure and treatment options/expectations at the consultation.

Remove pounds of adipose (fatty) tissue

Remove pounds of adipose (fatty) tissue with non-invasive body sculpting, i.e. Accent XL laser, Mesotherapy, or Liposonix. The Accent XL laser shrinks but does not destroy, fat cells;  remodels the supportive connective tissue, and improves drainage of lymphatic fluid by stimulating the microcirculation in treated areas, whereas Mesotherapy is thought to stimulate the metabolism of intracellular fatty acids.  Liposonix (high intensity focused ultrasound) will result in the destruction of a band of adipose tissue about 0.8cms in width. It will be 8-12 weeks before the final results with Liposonix are observed, and in some people, a second treatment will offer additional contouring.

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The ideal candidate for these approaches is at or near their ideal body weight, with small localised fat deposits,  or lumpy fat (cellulite) which needs to be smoothed or remodelled. In contrast, liposuction mechanically removes large chunks of fatty tissue from the body,  resulting in an immediate and dramatic volume reduction – with the associated risks of general anaesthetic, downtime, and loose overlying skin. In the case of the overweight/obese patient, none of the above treatment modalities should be considered a substitute for medically supervised weight loss.

We can’t predict exactly how long the effects of treatment will last

We can’t predict exactly how long the effects of treatment will last – especially when it comes to laser resurfacing, skin tightening or fillers.  Final results and their longevity are dependent on host factors – age at treatment, genetic factors influencing the aging process and tissue responsiveness, sun exposure, smoking or other toxins, nutritional or hormonal status, the individual’s metabolism, the quality of skin care products used post-treatment etc.