Good Health has a lot to do with maintaining balance: the right balance of work & play; the right dietary balance, and the right balance of hormones and nutrients. The endocrine system acts as a symphony: deficiency or excess of one hormone can throw the whole body off balance.

Female Hormonal Imbalance

Around menopause, estrogen deficiency and imbalances between sex hormones can result in vaginal dryness, urinary frequency, depression/difficulty coping, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, bone loss, memory lapses, loss of libido and abnormal facial hair.

A relative excess of estrogen may interfere with thyroid function, leading to weight gain, and can put women at higher risk of breast or uterine cancer. Precise measurements of hormones will enable the physician to correct these imbalances and improve symptoms and wellbeing.


The male equivalent of menopause is associated with declining levels of testosterone, and manifests as apathy, depression, grumpiness, loss of drive, forgetfulness, abdominal fat, erectile dysfunction and loss of muscle & bone mass. Maintaining the correct balance between testosterone, and its metabolites – is critical to avoiding prostatic enlargement and loss of scalp hair and male breast enlargement.

Adrenal Fatigue

Prolonged or repeated exposure to stress will deplete the cortisol reserves of the adrenal gland, leading to adrenal fatigue, insomnia, fatigue on waking and a feeling of being burned out.

At The Lazer Room, Dr. Hyland address the above conditions, plus other hormonal imbalances, with a combination of lifestyle interventions, conventional pharmacology, herbal supplements and Biodidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

The gut and the immune system are intricately related: incomplete digestion and intestinal dysbiosis can result in irritable bowel syndrome, increased gut permeability, allergies and immune disorders. Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty and amino acids, or the presence of toxins, can lead to chronic fatigue and general malaise.

At The Lazer Room we evaluate these problems by sophisticated micronutrient and metabolic testing. For further information , see: Wellness/Bioidentical HRT and  Wellness /Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine