Dear Patients,

Having weathered the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are gearing up to re-open for elective cosmetic medical services according to NL Public Health directives in phase 3, which if all goes well, will be the week of Monday, June 8th.

At that point in time, we will be taking appointments for injectables only.
E.g. Botox for cosmetic & medical indications, and Dermal fillers.

We will not be offering ablative services, such as microdermabrasion, hygrefraction of skin lesions,  CO2 or Erbium laser resurfacing, due to the risk of aerosolized viral particles.

There will be significant changes in protocols for surface decontamination (enhanced sanitation procedures) requirements for full barrier PPE, patient screening, and office flow requirements to maintain social distancing within the building, that will entail increased expenses, which will be reflected in adjustments to our fee schedule and change the way we handle patients and take bookings. :


1.  As before, all patients will be telephone screened for symptoms and risk factors (contacts, travel, work environment) for COVID-19 infection 48hrs prior to their appointment; and they will be required to sign a declaration to the effect that they understand they have requested an elective procedure, are aware that there are risks of viral transmission inherent to the procedure* (see below), and that they have answered all questions with regard to symptoms and risk factors honestly and fully.

2. When requesting appointments, patients are requested to be as precise as possible as to what treatment they need, so that we can more accurately estimate the time required for their treatment; for reasons of social distancing, within the clinic, we wish to avoid overlapped appointments.

3. Patients will be asked, whenever possible, to remain in their cars in the parking lot until notified that the room is ready for them; if they are being dropped off or picked up after their appointment, we will only allow one person in the waiting room at a time; overflow seating will be available in the foyer.

Surface Decontamination and PPE

  •  *Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures will be undertaken to REDUCE the risk of COVID-19  spread through surface contact or aerosolization of viral particles: these will include the use of agents known to be effective against the COVID-19 virus on surfaces and equipment in contact with patients or frequently touched.
  • Patients entering the building will be required to wear masks and use hand sanitizer upon entering the foyer; and will be provided with disposable shoe covers for entering the treatment room.
  • The treating physician will be wearing Full Barrier PPE- mask, gown, hair covering, gloves, and face shield.

Skin Preps

  • All patients presenting for facial treatments will be required to remove all traces of makeup prior to entering the clinic; even if only requiring Botox for frown lines. Patients will not be able to do this in the clinic bathroom, as we cannot spare cleaning staff to do a full clean of washroom facilities after each patient.
  • In addition to using chlorhexidine skin prep (bacteriocidal), we will be using 70% alcohol for its antiviral properties. Anyone who has sensitivities to alcohol prep will have to forego procedures.

* Risks of COVID-19 Transmission

Despite the above precautions of telephone screening, enhanced sanitation, skin prep, social distancing, and the use of PPE, it is feasible that asymptomatic patients who are infected with
COVID -19  may enter the building, shedding viral particles that may remain in the air or on fomites (surfaces), or survive disinfection procedures. By requesting elective procedures, patients are assuming this inherent risk.

How to Book an  Appointment Now

  • We are booking tentative appointments for Botox and/or Dermal Fillers commencing the week of June 8th; patients will be contacted closer to the time to confirm their appointment and for a telephone screening
  • The current contact number for the clinic is 682-6469 
  •  the regular clinic line 579-5297 is currently on hold but will be back in service on June 01
  • You may also email to request an appointment

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