Personality Assessment: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Do you feel more comfortable socialising with a group of friends? Or visiting a library by yourself?
  • Would you rather look for the facts? or consider the possibilities?
  • Do you go by what seems logical? or what feels right?
  • Do you like to stick to a schedule? or keep your options open?

How you’ve answered these questions will depend on your Type.

There is a scientific method to understanding individual personality differences called the Myers-Briggs Type Indictoar; developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, based on Jungian psychology. Known worldwide as the MBTI , this helps us better understand ourselves and others.

Have you ever noticed there are some people you seem to get along with from the first moment you meet, while there are others that constantly rub you the wrong way? Or, while doing some tasks, time seems to fly by, while others seem to take forever?

The MBTI can give you a good indication of who your best friends are and who your opponent are likely to be; which professions you gravitate towards, that you will be more likely to find success in and the ones just seem to cause you to go against the grain. The MBTI formula is often used by employers to determine which prospective employee would be a better fit in their organisations.

We all have preferred ways in which we perceive the world and gather information regarding it, as well as preferred ways we like to come to conclusions about the data we have gathered. The MBTI explains how we go about these things and consequently is a very valuable instrument in understanding the relationships and the problems that impact our lives.

It is also a superb instrument to assist us on our career path and to help us understand the challenges we face in our work environment.

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us. To see oursels as ithers see us! Robert Burns

(What an advantage it would be to see ourselves as others see us.)

Gaining insight into the ways you are perceived by others, is only one of the many benefits you will receive by completing a personality assessment at The Lazer Room