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I’m healthy and active, but when I faced the mirror, I looked older than I felt inside.

Friends asked me if I was tired -when I wasn’t. I was done with the creams and the denial; So I called the Anti-aging Doctor, Denise Hyland.

My treatments were in-office, non-surgical and totally affordable. Now when I look in the mirror, I feel like myself again and hearing that I look rested and refreshed is nice, too.


A word from Dr. Denise Hyland

“This local lady exhibits many of the typical facial signs associated with the aging process … Loss of elasticity of the skin leads to expressive lines around the eyes, in the brow and forehead: loss of volume in the cheeks leads to deep smile lines and sagging around the jaw line.

We smoothed out the crows feet, forehead and frown lines with Botox, then tackled the volume loss in her cheeks with Sculptra -a filler that stimulates collagen formation, which resulted in beautiful luminous baby soft skin; we also used a touch of Juvederm to enhance the cheekbones, and restore symmetry to the upper lip … .then we started Accent laser treatments to the forehead & neck- for additional lifting of the midsection of the brows, and tightening of residual slackness in the neck area.


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