The beginning of a New Year is traditionally a time for reflection, reassessment of our goals, and a time for renewal. At The Lazer  Room, we can assist you in attaining your goals of Health, Well-Being, and Beauty in 2013. Whatever your aspirations – be it counteracting the effects of overindulgence in Christmas goodies, rejuvenating your looks,  balancing your hormones or resolving your midlife existential crisis – we have the technology, the skilled personnel, and would consider it a privilege to accompany you on your journey of transformation.

This year, in addition to The Quit Program, we are offering  Stress Management & Relaxation Training for busy executives and professionals, personalized Life Coaching and MBTI personality assessments; a full suite of Metabolic & Bioidentical Hormone Replacement services, addressing Chronic Fatigue, Weight Loss, Functional Bowel Disorders as well as Menopause and Andropause; new non-surgical  technologies for permanent destruction of fat cells – Liposonix –  and  the  one -stop  Weekend Peel for Brown Spots – Fraxel Thulium laser – which will literally peel years of photodamage off your face, neck, decolletage, hands, and forearms – giving you a fresh healthy glow for Monday morning at the office.