Due to recent circumstances, we must now begin enforcing our cancellation policy.
We respectfully require all changes and cancellations to appointments be made no later than 48 hours in advance; failure to do so will result in the following:

  • If 48 hours notice is given, no re-booking fee will apply
  • Less than 48 hours notice given by telephone or email – a re-booking fee of $50 will apply. this will apply to all circumstances.
  • If you miss an appointment and do not call or email to cancel the appointment you will be billed for the Doctor’s time, as all missed appointments result in unusable clinic time.

Missed Appointment Billing as Follows:

  • $50 per 20-30 minute appointment, including consultations
  • $100 per one hour appointment, including consultations
  • $300 per hour if special arrangements are made for the Doctor to come in outside of regular clinic hours, including weekends
  • Please note that if a client fails to give sufficient notice or does not show up for a pre-paid appointment, or for an appointment for which a deposit has been paid, they will lose said deposit or payment.